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2016 MasterCraft X23

MasterCraft’s X23 is a multi-purpose watersports boat with tech features that will make your time on the water an absolute blast! The X23 is for the crew that skews toward wakesurfing and recognizes how much a customizable wave can enhance the surf experience.

MasterCraft designed the X23 around surfing, and it shows in the convenience of prepping the wave and the actual swell itself. Program the Gen 2 surf system within the touchscreen to a steep or a mellow setting for two completely distinct waves on whatever side you want to surf. Switch from side to side whenever you want to surf your opposite side or transfer, and you never have to shift any weight because the system works with an evenly weighted boat. The convertible bench-style seat has three different positions and switches fluidly from one to the next; forward facing is for socializing, rear facing is to watch riders, and the layout position creates another sun pad. The transom seats are tilted back for maximum lounging potential while stationary, and the ZFT4 tower presides stoically above. It’s MasterCraft’s most popular tower because collapsing it is as simple as unlocking each side and pulling down, and it looks sleek without being too lavish. Add the ratchet board racks with surf slots and you’ve got an enviable surf setup.