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2015 Suntracker BB16DLX

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New Pre-Owned model in NorCal MasterCraft Discovery Bay!

How does a super-quiet ride to your fishing hole sound? No exhaust noise or fumes. No fuel to pump, pay for, haul or spill. Simply press one button and it’ll start every time. No winterizing ever. These are just some of the benefits of the remarkable BASS BUGGY 16 DLX ET electric model.

The BASS BUGGY 16 DLX ET is ideal for horsepower-restricted waters. Its Torqeedo electric outboard motor, lithium batteries and charging system are the most advanced in the industry. This quiet, electric-powered fishing pontoon operates in stealth mode—sneaking up on unsuspecting fish and providing some of the most memorable days that you and your family could ever hope for.

Call NorCal MasterCraft Discovery Bay now for more details on how you can own this like-new Pontoon! 925-272-2628