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2015 Little Guy 6×10

The Little Guy 6-Wide Platform Model Teardrop Camper Trailer has the Classic teardrop shape. This camper trailer sports a fiberglass exterior with custom graphics. Locking double entry doors with slider window and screen provide safety and privacy, and a rear locking hatch provides access to the galley. A large roof vent ensures adequate ventilation. Aluminum alloy wheels scream quality, and the aluminum fenders are a real work of art. Carpeted interior sides and floor make this teardrop camper trailer comfortable, and the vinyl clad headliner is easy to keep clean. This model of teardrop camper trailer also includes Interior cabinets and lights, along with a king size sleeping area. The 6-Wide Platform Model of Teardrop Camper Trailer from Little Guy Worldwide gets its name from the measurement of the interior width of this trailer: 72 inches (or, 6 feet) from inside sidewall to inside sidewall.